Monday, 12 June 2017

After gloom comes brightness

It is raining and I was like, finally.

My blog has been laying aside since the last post, and finally I have something to post it tonight.

Recently I was facing some relationship issues. I found difficulties in dealing with human issues. One of my best friends, whom I really treated him as a confidant, was leaving me just like that. I tried my best to retain him, in the end I have failed to do so. Perhaps for certain aspects, he got his point to angry with. I tried few times to rescue our friendship and slowly I getting tired on this and came to the worse result which I am not willingly to see the most.

This year I am 25. People called this quarter of life. I thought those relationship issues used to happened in childhood would not happen in adult and the fact proved that I was wrong. Somehow I felt helpless and innocent. I started to question how I should measure the quality of friendship. Regardless the time you have spent to create and maintain a friendship, it will fade away if one of the parties not appreciate it anymore.

I felt upset on this. I tell myself to let go if the other party hope to do so. Anyhow, I still treat him as my friend if he is willing to. For current stage, we need to calm ourselves and we need time to deal with it. I believe this is the best solution among us.

I lost something, but I gained something back. Finally I have tried to talk to my mum. Special thanks to one of my colleagues/friends, if you are reading this, thank you very much for listening to me, driving me for beer, providing me tissue and giving me the best advice.

Most of the psychology issues were on me. But I realised that as long as I spoken out, I will be fined with it. Thanks for that night. I was feeling good after I released some of my emotions. Today I have enjoyed the moment spent with my mum and the stories telling moment.

After today, I think I have overcome some issues and thoughts hidden quite some time inside my heart. I always try to think in a mature way, I hope I will not be a burden for the people I love. I will try to improve my EQ, because I hope I could be the helpers for those in trouble rather than bringing trouble to others.

End of today’s stories. Hope everyone has enjoyed your day. 

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